About Sairees

Exclusive Designer Sarees handpicked and customised by Sai.

We pride ourselves on picking every saree we sell ourselves, we ensure that the products are of high quality fabrics and of the most recent designs and trends.

British, European and North American Market

We understand that the type of sarees worn in the west may be of slightly different taste to that of the east. We want to find you sarees where East meets West but without losing authenticity, whilst still expressing culture through fashion.

We travel to India a few times a year to handpick every saree ourselves and make sure each saree is carefully packed and shipped to the UK without being damaged or altered in transit.

Every woman who wears a saree wears it with grace and elegance and prides herself in expressing her culture through her cultural attire.

“Believe in yourself and the sky is the limit”

About Sai

My love and passion for Sarees began at the tender age for 4! I feel that I represent and express myself through the attire that I wear. Clothes are a representation of my soul and wearing a saree has been a passion and obsession of mine. Since a tender age I would dress in my mother’s sarees and dance in my living room.

My vision is for women around the world to feel loved, powerful, beautiful and elegant through wearing my sarees.

I am a British born Tamil who loves my cultures and roots; and sarees represent both.

“I pride myself in my brand being about class, elegance grace and style.”

The name SAIREES stems from my name Sai and Sarees being collaborated to display SaiRees. I believe that everyone can be super successful if they choose a career or business that they are extremely passionate bout. This is my passion, what’s yours?…